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Art and the Mystery of Existence: Paleolithic and Neolithic Art
ART and the Afterlife I: Egyptian Art and Architecture
Art and the Afterlife II: The Ancient Near East
Art and Mythology I: Cycladic, Minoan, Archaic Greek
Art and Mythology II: Greek Art and Architecture
Art and Empire: Roman Art and Architecture
Art and Salvation I: Early Christian to Gothic Art
Art and Salvation II: The Early Renaissance
Art in the Age of Humanism: The High Renaissance
Art of Theatricality and Drama: The Baroque
Art of Reason and Passion: Neoclassicism and Romanticism
Art and the Collapse of Absolutes: Realism and Impressionism
Art of the Inner Soul: Post-Impressionism and Expressionism
Art of New Vision: Cubism to Abstract Expressionism
Art of Irony: Pop Art to Post-Modernism
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Art and the Human Experience
Art and Empire: Roman Art and Architecture

Veritas Liberat!

Etruscan Art

Apollo of Veii, c.510 B.C.E.
Terra-cotta, 5'9.

Musicians and Dancers, from the
Tomb of the Lionesses, c.480-470 B.C.E.
Wall Painting.

She-Wolf of the Capital,
c.500 B.C.E., Bronze,
33". [Bronze figures of
Romulus and Remus added
in the Renaissance].

Roman Art and Architecture

Augustus of Primaporta

Augustus of Primaporta, copy
of Roman original of c.15 B.C.E.
Marble, 6'8".

Augustus of Primaporta [Detail]


Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace),
13-9 B.C.E.

Ara Pacis [Detail].


The Colosseum [Detail], Rome.
72-80 A.D.

The Colosseum [Detail of interior].

The Colosseum [Detail].


Arch of Titus, 81 A.D.

Spoils from the Temple in Jerusalem,
detail from the Arch of Titus, 81 A.D.


The Pantheon, Rome.
118-125 A.D.


Interior of the Pantheon,
showing the effect of light
entering through the oculus.
Rome, 118-125 A.D.

The Emperor Hadrian.

Antinous in Egyptian Dress, from
Hadrian's Villa. Marble, 117-138 A.D.


Equestrian Monument of Marcus Aurelius,
Bronze. 161-180 A.D.


Constantine the Great [Fragments].
Early 4th century A.D. Marble.


Constantine the Great [Fragment].
Early 4th century A.D. marble,
8'. Museo dei Conservatori, Rome.

Scenes of a Dionysiac Cult, from
The Villa of the Mysteries,
Pompeii [Italy]. c.50 B.C.

Scene from a Dionysiac Mystery
Cult, from the Villa of the
Mysteries, Pompeii. c.50 B.C.

Portrait of a Boy, Egypto-Roman Portrait
from Faiyum, Lower Egypt. 2nd century A.D.
Encaustic on panel. 15" x 7". Metropolitan
Museum of Art, NY.